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7 Lessons From This Pandemic Year, From Top Mental Health Experts
Mar 25, 2021
Exactly a year ago, I'd been working at mindbodygreen for just over one week when we were asked to work remotely and shelter-in-place. As the new health editor, I was acutely aware of growing concerns over this ominous virus.
The 12 Best Detox Teas to Reset Your System and Give Your Metabolism a Boost
Mar 24, 2021
As we head into the spring season, we’re all feeling the change in the air. The longer days and warmer weather lift our spirits and make us feel ready for a fresh start. Time to get fit and lace up those running sneakers!
Is Texture The New Taste? Why Mouthfeel Matters Right Now + Expert Cooking Tips
Mar 24, 2021
On a scale of one to absolutely essential, how important to you is food texture? Perhaps there's a certain snack that makes you shudder—maybe it's chewy, tough, and uncomfortable to eat.
How rest and digestion work hand in hand
Mar 24, 2021
If you’ve ever wondered how sleep and digestion work together or why you’ve been told not to go to bed on a full stomach, we’ve got some answers for you.
4 ways to spring clean your food routine
Mar 24, 2021
At last, we’re coming out of hibernation and, as the weather warms up, there’s even a glimpse of summer in sight. As we ease out of winter into spring, we can take stock of where we are and refresh our routines.
Gut Health on a Vegan Diet: It’s About More Than Just Gas
Mar 23, 2021
You should trust your gut. We don’t mean your intuition (although that should also be trusted often), but here, we’re talking specifically about your gastrointestinal system. Research suggests there is a link between physical, mental, and gut health.