The Food-Mood Connection and Inflammation | Dr. Uma Naidoo

The Food-Mood Connection and Inflammation | Dr. Uma Naidoo

May 06, 2021Uma Naidoo

What if we told you that your gut and the food you eat play a huge role in your mental health? 🌱Would you also be surprised to learn that there are up to 500 million neurons that travel from your gut to your brain? 🧠

Since your gut is inextricably connected to your brain, it’s crucial to feed your body with foods that can support your mental health. 🌿

In this week’s vodcast, nutritional psychiatrist Dr. Uma Naidoo—a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, professional chef, AND a nutrition specialist—talks about the role of nutrition in mental health. 0:00​ Introducing Dr. Uma Naidoo and the food mood connection

1:12​ How Dr. Uma explains the connection between food and mental health to her patients, especially those who are struggling to see the connection

2:47​ Foods that trigger anxiety and body-wide inflammation

8:06​ The journey of inflammation from the gut to the brain

10:22​ How inflammation impacts your brain’s chemistry

12:28​ Foods that can improve your mental health

16:49​ Resources that shifted Dr. Uma’s perspective on the food-mood connection

21:10​ Sugar and anxiety: The surprising truth about its impact on the body and brain

26:11​ The impact of the carnivore diet on mental health and vital nutrients

29:53​ Mindfulness activities that can help ease the symptoms of anxiety and other mental health conditions

34:10​ More information on Dr. Uma’s book

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