Dr. Uma Naidoo: This is Your Brain on Food (especially Chocolate)

Dr. Uma Naidoo: This is Your Brain on Food (especially Chocolate)

Aug 20, 2020Uma Naidoo

When you’re feeling a little down, do you find yourself craving chocolate?

I sure do.

Well, it turns out, brain science has something to say about that.

On today’s show, we’re going to talk about some foods, like chocolate, that may positively impact your mood and even reduce anxiety.

Today, we’re here with the perfect rock star guest. In addition to being a Harvard-trained psychiatrist with nearly three decades of experience in the field of medicine, Dr. Uma Naidoo is also a professional chef, culinary instructor, trained nutrition specialist and author of the new book, This is Your Brain on Food.

On this show with Dr. Uma Naidoo, we’re talking about:

  • How to shop for healthy foods on a budget
  • Tips for supporting the 39 trillion bacteria living in your gut right now
  • How to pull yourself out of a junk food funk
  • The difference between homemade sourdough and store-bought bread
  • How this Harvard-trained psychiatrist recommends indulging in treats
  • And much, much more…

Let’s hang out with Dr. Uma.

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