4 Day Mini-Series

Join Dr. Uma and Dr. Koya for an exclusive, 4 day mini series on Healing with Food and Spices.

Series goes live November 16th – 19th at 12:30pm EST delivered straight to your inbox each day
  • – Learn which herbs and spices can help reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, and brain fog
  • – How antioxidants help fight oxidative stress and resist cognitive decline
  • – How to incorporate herbs and spices into cooking
  • – Learn how some herbs and spices support gut health and moderate neurotransmitter function
  • – & Much more!
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Chanthal Fadul

Head of Marketing & Media

Multicultural and multilingual Chanthal has more than six years of first-hand experience working in luxury brand marketing for high-end goods and lifestyle concepts across the globe.

A graduate of the prestigious Italian institution, Polimoda, she was also trained at the London School of Economics. Skilled in Luxury Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, International Business Partnerships and Storytelling for premium brands.

Nurtured by her passion for wellness, nutrition and health while also being a trained chef, she became Head of the Health & Wellness SIG and active member of the Food & Beverage Committee at The Harvard Club. Currently she is living in Boston working as Head of Marketing & Media for Dr Uma Naidoo.

Jenna Lifshitz

Social Media Strategy

My name is Jenna Lifshitz and I’m a senior studying Chemical Biology at Brandeis University. Holistic health, specifically the role nutrition plays in mental health, is a topic I’m very passionate about, so it was with great fortune that I connected with Dr. Uma. As part of the team, together with the team I direct our social media strategy, review current research and help break down the heavy science for social media use. My role has allowed me to delve further into the science-backed research and build my knowledge in the subject. Outside of being a complete science nerd, I also love hiking (accompanied by my dog), photography, and music.

Nick Norwitz

Co-Director of Scientific Research

Nick Norwitz is an MD PhD candidate with expertise in nutrition, metabolism, neuroscience, and gut health. In 2018, he graduated Valedictorian from Dartmouth with a degree in biochemistry and cellular biology, prior to receiving a full merit-based scholarship to Oxford University to complete his PhD. Next year, he will be starting at Harvard Medical School. In 2019 and 2020, Nick has had an impressive 12 papers and textbook chapters accepted into the peer-reviewed scientific literature, including 10 first authorships, on topics ranging from orthopedics to neurodegenerative diseases to heart disease to gastrointestinal disorders to mental health. Beyond formal academics, Nick is also the developer of a state-of-the-art nutrition tracking app and author of an upcoming Mediterranean Low-Carb cookbook. Nick’s #1 rule about nutrition is that it’s personal. He likes to say, “We are all individuals. Only you can discover what works best for you. In other words, nutrition is a life-long journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. Enjoy it!”

(You can follow Nick @nicknorwitz on Twitter for daily fun facts about health and nutrition)

Katelynn Jasper

Co-Director of Social Media Strategy

Katelynn Jasper graduated in May 2020 from Emerson College with a master’s in publishing and writing. She has seven years of experience with managing. creating, and publishing original and premium content on social platforms for businesses, nonprofits, and publishers. Her favorite part about working on social media is the opportunity to think creatively and nurture a community around a platform.

Her love for nutrition and books was instilled in her from a young age growing up on a ranch where she ate fresh produce and read to her heart’s content. Currently, she is working at the Harvard Coop bookstore as a social media manager and bookseller and working for Dr. Uma Naidoo as the co-director of social media strategy. In her free time, Katelynn loves brewing a nice cup of tea, reading as many books as possible, and watering her plants. She resides in Boston, Massachusetts.