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A Recipe for Health: A Guide to Foods That Will Help Heal Your Body from Inside
Aug 12, 2020
Smart food choices can help us prevent or even reverse diabetes, and treat chronic pain, depression, and more. Trailblazing new research shows that what we eat can do far more than simply provide energy and help keep us lean.
How Food Affects Our Mood
Aug 12, 2020
Uma Naidoo is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and professional chef. And she’s married the two: Naidoo practices nutritional and integrative psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and in her private practice.
Foods That Battle Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Aug 12, 2020
Berries. Nuts. Olive oil. How to craft an eating plan to help manage your emotions. Are you anxious? Angry? Feeling depressed? Consider what you eat.
How to stock a plant-based pantry (and fridge) on a budget
Jun 12, 2020
Given the current pandemic and related economic stressors, many of us are trying to maintain healthy habits while watching our expenses. One of the areas where we can support our immune system is through our food choices.
Eating during COVID-19: Improve your mood and lower stress
Apr 10, 2020
My patients these days are expressing more angst and fear, and looking to find ways to cope with the pandemic and the “new normal.” With children and entire families home together all day, and work and school schedules disrupted, loss of a daily routine can increase anxiety and disrupt healthy eating.
Certain foods may reduce anxiety and boost the immune system
Apr 06, 2020
Many people feel stressed and anxious as we live through the changes of the coronavirus pandemic. One Boston doctor says, over time, that anxiety can impact your immune system but there are things you can do to counteract it.