Whole Foods Market x Headspace

Whole Foods Market x Headspace

Mar 20, 2021Uma Naidoo

Headspace has teamed up with Whole Foods Market to help you reset your routine this spring. Explore a collection of mindful exercises and seasonally inspired recipes to flavor your days with joy.

Joyful shopping

Practice mindfulness and take in the sights, sounds, and aromas that surround you as you shop for groceries.

Cooking with gratitude

From crisp scents to bright colors and distinct textures, slow down and appreciate the ingredients that go into your meal.

Mindful eating

Learn how to truly savor the experience of eating and stay present throughout your meal.

Try a few feel-good recipes

Head into the kitchen with a collection of mood-brightening recipes inspired by spring’s bounty. Created by chef, food and welfare advocate, Sophia Roe, in collaboration with Harvard Nutritional Psychiatrist and author of “This is Your Brain on Food,” Dr. Uma Naidoo, these recipes will help you refresh your taste buds for the new season.

Visit the Whole Foods Market IGTV page to follow along with a video for each recipe.

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