Your Food & Mental Health with Dr. Uma Naidoo

207: Your Food & Mental Health with Dr. Uma Naidoo

Jan 04, 2021Uma Naidoo

How does food affect your mental health?

Now more than ever, people have become more health-conscious about diet and exercise as it pertains to matters like cholesterol, high blood pressure, or weight loss, but not many are discussing the connection between food, the brain, and its impact on mental well being.

Here to discuss this topic with us today is our phenomenal guest, Dr. Uma Naidoo. Uma is a Harvard trained psychiatrist, Professional Chef, and trained Nutrition Specialist. She is also the author of her brand new book; This is Your Brain on Food.

You’ve heard it here before, that what you eat matters, especially to your grey matter. Join us, as Dr. Uma explains the physiological connection between the gut and brain and the powerful effects of food on our mental health and well being.

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