A revolutionary full-body approach to relieving anxiety, including anti-anxiety recipes and meal plan guidelines, from bestselling author, chef, nutritionist, and nutritional psychiatrist Uma Naidoo, MD


The United States is facing an unprecedented anxiety crisis. At the same time, scientific and medical knowledge about these conditions is rapidly increasing, with massive strides being made in our understanding of the complex relationship between the mind and the gut. 

In this groundbreaking guide, Dr. Naidoo presents cutting-edge research about the ways anxiety is rooted in our brain, our gut, our immune system, and our metabolism. Drawing on the latest science on the connection between diet and anxiety, Dr. Naidoo shows us how to effectively use food and nutrition as an essential tool for calming the mind.

In Calm Your Mind with Food, you'll learn:

  • How inflammation affects everything from anxiety and depression to Alzheimer's disease.
  • How the trillions of bacteria living in your gut are key to controlling anxiety.
  • The six pillars for calming the mind.
  • What to eat to balance leptin, a key peptide that links the central nervous system to metabolic processes.
  • How to incorporate specific anxiety-busting foods into your diet, from the obscure (Ashwagandha) to the ubiquitous (Vitamin C).  
  • The best diets for managing symptoms of anxiety and depression

Along with guidelines for creating your own personal anti-anxiety meal plan and dozens of supernutrient-forward, delicious recipes, Calm Your Mind with Food will help you boost your immunity, reduce anxiety, and enhance your overall mental wellbeing.