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Is Mental Health The Silent Pandemic?

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic made us hyper aware of health and hygiene in efforts to keep ourselves well. We learned which supplements to take to strengthen our immune systems, what songs to sing while washing our hands, how to properly wear masks and how far apart we should stay from others in order to protect our physical health.

12 Essential Nutrients to Improve Mental Fitness

We are used to looking at food as energy and fuel but food is so much more. The food we eat is pure information; a combination of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and compounds that either work to boost our health and prevent disease or work against our health and create inflammation that promotes disease.

Gut inflammation is brain inflammation

Our bodies have an incredible ability to protect and heal themselves through the process of inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s defense mechanism against harm, injury and infection. The swelling that occurs around a stubbed toe or a papercut is inflammation in action. While inflammation is well intended in protecting our bodies, this reaction is not always good for our health.