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Foods Proven to Do Bad Things to Your Stomach, According to Doctors
Mar 23, 2021
Food provides us with nutrients, keeps us energized, and can even help us fend off disease. But those benefits aren't true for all foods.
Whole Foods Market and Headspace Team up to Support Well-Being for Mind and Body This Spring
Mar 20, 2021
Collaboration introduces a collection of mood-brightening recipe videos, curated meditations and mindful exercises. Whole Foods Market and Headspace have combined their expertise to help revitalize consumers’ overall well-being this spring.
40% of Us Are Deficient in Vitamin D, So We Found the 11 Best Vitamin D Supplements
Mar 08, 2021
When it comes to getting our daily dose of vitamin D, many of us are happy to oblige and spend some time outside soaking up the sun. Unfortunately, getting an adequate intake of the sunshine vitamin isn’t always as easy as a trip to the beach.
We asked 3 medical experts who needs a multivitamin and how to choose the right one — here's what they said
Mar 08, 2021
Your body needs a certain amount of key nutrients every day for your organs, muscles, tissue, and overall systems to function properly. These are known as your Daily Value (DV) of nutrients.
The Galveston Diet Everything You Need to Know
Mar 03, 2021
While dietary guidelines for fertility and pregnancy are plentiful, fewer diets focus on another phase of hormonal life for those assigned female at birth: menopause.
Here’s What Happens In Your Brain When You Drink Caffeine
Mar 03, 2021
Caffeine gets you up in the morning and keeps you buzzing through the day, but caffeine also has complex and intriguing effects on the brain. Scientists are increasingly learning that the sophisticated substance interacts with the human brain in interesting, even unexpected, ways.