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  • 4 Healthy Herbs & Spices This Nutritional Psychiatrists Uses To Elevate Meals

    by Uma Naidoo | May 3, 2021 | MindBodyGreen

    Many people associate undressed salads and unseasoned chicken with “health,” but eating nutritious foods doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, keeping your meals devoid of flavor actually limits their potential benefits. According to nutritional psychiatrist Uma Naidoo, M.D., utilizing spices and herbs is a surprisingly easy way to increase the nutritional value of a dish.

  • Is Mental Health The Silent Pandemic?

    by Uma Naidoo | May 3, 2021 | UmaNaidooMD

    The start of the COVID-19 pandemic made us hyper aware of health and hygiene in efforts to keep ourselves well. We learned which supplements to take to strengthen our immune systems, what songs to sing while washing our hands, how to properly wear masks and how far apart we should stay from others in order to protect our physical health.

  • How To Properly Cleanse And Detox, According To Wellness Gurus

    by Uma Naidoo | April 30, 2021 | Coveteur

    I will never forget my first juice cleanse. It was the summer of 2013, and all of my New York roommates were raving about the new juice bar that had opened in the East Village offering a rather pricey seven-day cure-all detox cleanse. I was on day two of solely drinking spinach and celery juice, walking through the Upper East Side to the French Consulate to get my visa, blatantly ignoring every red flag and alert my body was trying to send me.

  • 8 Staffers Share Their All-Time Favorite Episodes Of The mbg Podcast

    by Uma Naidoo | April 30, 2021 | MindBodyGreen

    Here at mindbodygreen, we know there isn’t one answer to achieving optimal health and well-being. The nuance needed to parse the many recommendations from doctors, researchers, and game-changers is essential, and since 2017, the best place to explore these topics has been with our co-founder and co-CEO Jason Wachob on the mindbodygreen podcast.

  • 7 Eating Habits Experts Recommend When You’re On Vacation

    by Uma Naidoo | April 30, 2021 | Forbes

    It’s so easy to fall off the health wagon when you’re traveling. We talked to the experts to find simple changes that will keep you on track while on vacation.

  • Mushrooms Are Becoming a Beauty and Wellness Ingredient Darling

    by Uma Naidoo | April 30, 2021 | WWD

    “We are entering the new frontier, and we can just see from the numbers that the interest is growing. It’s no longer a trendy, New York, L.A., metropolitan thing.”

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